Article by: Matteo Bagnasacco

Translation by: Paola Pupella

 “Let’s go”, directed by Antonietta De Lillo, was included in the section “Diritti & Rovesci”, a new section of the 32nd Torino Film Festival edited by Paolo Virzì.  In her film, the director of “Il resto è niente (Everything else is nothing)” tells the story of Luca Musella.

Let’s go by Antonietta De Lillo

Luca is a very active man, who works as a photographer and writer. He starts his photography career at 20, first by working as a scene photographer; then, as a reporter and his photos appear on the covers of “L’Espresso” and “The Economist”. He describes himself as “a man of Mulino Bianco” (an Italian food product brand famous to impart, in its commercials, the idea of a happy conventional family), because he is married and has three children. Suddenly his work starts declining more and more, and he decides to invest all his savings in a new business, trying to survive along with his family. However, it did not succeed, causing his wife to divorce him. He shifts from a middle class to another lower social status that he defines ‘the underclasses’. Unwilling to give up, he moves from Naples to Milan in order to find a job, yet he fails again. Therefore, the last resource of the protagonist is to start grappling with many odd jobs, living with some immigrants out for luck.

This is a 55’ story told by Antonietta De Lillo, who has known Luca for years and has been the witness of his “fall”. Her film starts with a hypothetical letter written by Luca to an ideal woman, by telling her what he has lived. A painful letter, in which many people, without, or out, of work, could mirror themselves.

A true portrait of the frailty of modern society.

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