Article by: Alisa Marghella

Translation by: Carla Cristina Loddo

The eggs for breakfast, the sound of the wind chimes when exiting the house, the tea preparation, the naps on the three chairs during the work shift… All these things mark the days for Marat, a young security watchman. In “Priklyuchenie – Adventure” there’s very little adventure: the events in the shy watchman’s life recur in a routine marked by few images, useful for understanding his loneliness

It’s all dull until, one night, Maryam bursts into his life. “We are very similar, because we are both alone”. She waits every night for the man she loves to come back; he spends every night waiting for the next day. For four nights their lives cross one another and, lost in the silence of the “white nights”, they try to live an adventure that would push them, somehow, to “follow their instinct”.

With this film, inspired by “White Nights” by Dostoyevsky, the Kazakh film director Nariman Turebayev wants, somehow, to get closer to the Russian author “because, when you speak about love, borders don’t count. Dostoyevsky lived in Kazakhstan for five years. He married a Kazakh woman. Therefore, we can say there is a very tight connection between him and my country”.

Despite its monotonous plot, this film, made up of silences and images, made the audience smile. Thanks to its brevity, the story is nicely flowing and its static narration gives it an “almost” ironic and fun air.

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