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magic in the moonlight

Article by: Giulia Conte

Translation by: Giulia Magazzù

We are once again in France in the 1920s, but Allen takes us to the French Riviera instead of Paris.

Wei Ling Soo is the most famous magician of the moment, but when he takes the clothes of illusionist off is in fact Stanley Crawford (Colin Firth), a young arrogant Englishman who hates those who boast of having special skills as mediums. Howard, a longtime friend of his, convinces him to go to France to learn and reveal the truth of the prophecies of the young and beautiful Sophie Baker (Emma Stone). Will Stanley manage to unmask the girl? What happens in Catledge is a real series of magical events that will involve all the characters.

Magic in the Moonlight is a romantic comedy, with all the personal and professional complications that hail from it.

Luxury settings, a good care in the choice of the location, the typical clothes of the “jazz age“, all these are perfect elements for the great success of this new film. Stanley has the typical features of a Woody Allen character: he is extravagant and in constant search for love and for a stable and satisfying relationship.

Allen is well known for his comedies full of irony and their brilliant lines and, even in this work, he does not spare us laughs and twists. He portraits a very romantic Europe, that is full of stereotypes and grotesque elements that we appreciate so much and that we have seen in previous works like Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

The soundtrack is perfectly in tune with the landscapes of the French Riviera, giving the idea of a union that amuses and involves us from the beginning until the ninety-eighth minute of the film.


Article by: Alisa Marghella

Translation by: Carla Cristina Loddo

The eggs for breakfast, the sound of the wind chimes when exiting the house, the tea preparation, the naps on the three chairs during the work shift… All these things mark the days for Marat, a young security watchman. In “Priklyuchenie – Adventure” there’s very little adventure: the events in the shy watchman’s life recur in a routine marked by few images, useful for understanding his loneliness


Big Significant Things: a transition journey.

Article by: Karima Vinti
Translation by: Greta Moroni

“WORLD’S LARGEST CEDAR BUCKET”. It is the opening of the film “Big Significant Things”, which tells the journey of a twenty-six-year-old boy escaping from his future. In San Francisco, waiting for him there is his girlfriend. We never see her face, but we only hear her voice through their several phone calls.

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