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TorinoFilmLab – Mr. Kaplan

Mr Kaplan
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Article by: Fabio Olivetti

Translation by: Greta Moroni


Mr. Kaplan is the second film by Alvaro Brechner, a director who had a great personal success in 2009 with Mal día para pescar. He gets back to film direction thanks to the Torino Film Lab, too.

Jacob Kaplan lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lived the atrocities of the Nazi persecutions in Europe and did not forget his Jewish origins. When he hears that a German man lives and works near him, all the terrible feelings related to the period of the Second World War resurface. He knows about what Simon Wiesenthal did in 1960: he worked for the seizure of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann. In the same way, with the help of a family friend, a former police officer, Jacob tries to carry out investigations in order to arrest his enemy and move him to Israel for the trial.

This event will push the protagonist beyond his physical limits trying to pursue his ideals and maintaining his dignity. He’s trying to get his revenge, which is within his reach.

In this film both comedy and detective story features are perfectly mixed together. There are comical situations, based on the personalities of the two main characters. One is determined to reach his goal, while the other one wants to find a way to regain his family’s respect.

This film is the boast of the Torino Film Lab. It has been chosen for the 2015 Oscar nomination for best foreign language film. It is a funny but undoubtedly composed film, which encourages defending your ideals as well as pursuing justice and truth, even many years later.


“Mr. Kaplan”di Alvaro Brechner

Mr. Kaplan è il secondo film di Alvaro Brechner, che dopo il successo personale di Mal día para pescar del 2009 ritorna dietro la macchina da presa grazie anche al Torino Film Lab.

Jacob Kaplan vive la sua vita a Montevideo, in Uruguay. Ha vissuto gli orrori della persecuzione nazista in Europa e non ha dimenticato le sue radici ebraiche.

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