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“In Jous Naam” (“In Your Name”) di Marco Van Geffen

Tra i film del TorinoFilmLab ne segnalo uno veramente interessante. Si tratta di In Jouw Naam, in inglese In Your Name, di Marco Van Geffen.

Il film narra il dramma di una coppia, Ton e Els, che perde una figlia poche settimane dopo la nascita a causa di una rara malattia. L’avvenimento porta entrambi, ovviamente, a faticare per ricominciare la propria vita.

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In Jous Naam
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Article by: Fabio Olivetti

Translation by: Elettra Abatucci

 Among the films setting up Torino Film Lab, one is especially interesting: ‘In Jouw Naam‘ — in English ‘In Your Nameby Marco Van Geffen.

It talks about some dramatic events in the lives of a couple, Ton and Els, who have lost their newborn girl due to a rare disease. This leads them to struggle in order to restart their life.

Els is the first to recover: she takes comfort in throwing away all the furniture in the room of their baby girl. However, Ton is not able to overcome his loss and he gets upset about his partner’s apparent peace of mind, so much that he does not want to touch her, not even in bed. Even when Els got pregnant again, Ton cannot set free from the pain he is suffering, until tragic consequences arouse.

The director is able to transmit the sorrow and the agony of the characters without using conversation. Dialogues are minimal and useful only in terms of the development of the main plot. The scenes follow one another without any of the characters saying a word, but still the message clearly.

In Your Name’ is Van Geffen’s second work, awarded with the ‘Prix Art des Relations Internationales’ at the Festival of Cannes. It can be considered one of the most prestigious products obtained with the help of Torino Film Lab this year.